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Meet our brand sparkling new Creative Director; Dieter Vanhoof!

Meet our brand sparkling new Creative Director: Dieter Vanhoof! The name might already sound familiar to some of you. Dieter has more than a few national and international advertising awards with his name on it. He will take the creative lead at SUPERMACHINE, while at the same time writing and realising new chapters to our long-term creative strategy.

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Supermachine is ready to cuddle some new pups.

YoungDogs Belgium is a series of advertising competitions by which young creative talent is judged. It’s a playground where up and coming creatives can unleash their full potential and show us what kind of mad dog breed they have resting inside themselves. Something we, at SUPERMACHINE, are more than willing to get behind.

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We have just won our very first Fairtime Award! Hella excited! The Fairtime Awards is a yearly creative competition organized by MEDIALAAN. We entered a radio script for de Tuut van Tegenwoordig, an organization battling tinnitus and hearing loss among young people.

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A moment of dyslexia.

These ads use facial-detection technology to give passers-by a taste of what it is like to be dyslexic. The longer people look at the screens, the more jumbled the words and letters become.

Crashed Cases.

Volkswagen has made phone cases from crashed cars. The cases serve as a stark reminder that texting and driving leads to accidents, even deaths.

Teens are leaving Facebook.

The social giant is no longer the preferred platform among teens. Even worse, it is now the network of the poor and less educated segment of the young population.

Mud Soldier.

Visit Flanders has put a Mud Soldier in London. It’s the perfect way to commemorate a battle that we may never forget. A battle fought on the very grounds we walk on every day.

Billboards beyond Borders.

Doctors without Borders transformed Google Maps into the ultimate censorship-free zone. Billboards beyond Borders is a campaign no dictator or authoritarian regime can ignore.

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SUPERMACHINE leads GenZ to a newer education system!

Today we launch our newest campaign to promote a dual education system. Last month our agency won the pitch set up by the Flemish Department for Business Development SYNTRA Flanders.

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Go Sport infected SUPERMACHINE with sporting fever!

The retail sports chain has found its way to SUPERMACHINE for a new branding, their online social media presence, all their future campaigns and the design of their new webshop. We will streamline their message, make it clear and shout it from the rooftops.

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ColliShop puts SUPERMACHINE on its shopping list!

ColliShop had been looking for an agency that can help them develop a social media strategy for quite some time now. They were looking for a partner who can think strategically and one who has the creative background to think about creation. 

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Fantastical Fien did it again!

BREAKING: our Fien is saving parents all over the globe. Slight exaggeration: parents who shop at Colruyt. Her idea, for which she already won a silver Young Dogs medal, is now being implemented by Colruyt. #Proud 

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