Rumble in the jungle

Jungle Skills


Jungle Skills


Oe-oe-oeh, Jungle Skills is the organisation to get your kids playing outdoors. They organise camps, sports lessons and discovery trips for toddlers and not so little ones.

A new look

We gave Jungle Skills and their cheerful mascot monkey a new look. Jungle Skills tours schools and invites children to take part in the exciting Jungle Skills activities. After all, 'tree climbers, water monkeys and trousers dirtiers.... It's time to romp!'

We gave Jungle Skills a brand new look, one that really stands out and gives their beastly activities all the love they deserve. With the ambition to be recognised and exude confidence, especially now that they want to push their boundaries beyond Ghent, we came up with a colourful new visual identity. Not only applied to merchandise, but also in a super fun website. That site is not only playful, it also offers an easy way for kids to sign up for all kinds of crazy activities.

SUPERMACHINE continues to help guide Jungle Skills at the communication strategic level. In this way, we help make Jungle Skill the brand for outdoor games, camps and sports for children.

Beastly assignment, beastly client.

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