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Say it with a compliment.
Say it with a compliment.

March 1st, Compliment day was just around the corner and Coca-Cola wanted to give their employees and clients something extra. Something that would bring them closer together and brighten their spirits. Enter #complimentsweek.

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Conversions through participation.
Conversions through participation.

We built a compliments generator that held over one hundred different compliments, long, short, serious or even falling-to-the-ground-funny ones.

Every single compliment could be personalized by adding your own photo using your own webcam, and was easy to send via email to a person whose day you wanted to brighten.

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The campaign managed to reach people all over Europe, spreading over 30.000 compliments, convincing people that giving a compliment doesn’t have to be a moment of total discomfort, but could be the start of great conversations.

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Even the elevator participated.
Even the elevator participated.

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