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European Commission, Citymesh, Wavre

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Wavre is more than just the city of Walibi. SUPERMACHINE contributed to the launch of Wavre as a smart city, a project sponsored by the European Commission. This wasn't easy in Wavre, a region known for its risk aversion, especially regarding technology and 5G. The population has many questions, and we aim to answer them transparently. How do you make a difficult topic accessible? How do you turn fear of progress into excitement for the future?

Our solution: let children speak! They have no filter, and their uninhibited creativity paves the way for a fruitful collaboration between citizens and government. All questions and suggestions are welcome and even encouraged!

Wavre, Smart City

We positioned the smart city concept as an opportunity to prioritize the progress of the city. We steered clear of negativity and didacticism. Instead, we kept it light so the message could be easily absorbed. Fresh and sometimes even humorous, making the topic accessible. Created by children, to maintain that positive outlook on the future.

How did we do it? We brought an illustrator to the table with children from Wavre and let them engage in conversations about technology and the future of Wavre. Specifically focusing on the most relevant topics: safety, healthcare, entertainment, education, and mobility.

With this approach, we produced a a number of videos and print materials to communicate the message throughout the city for an extended period.

Our eye-catching visuals flooded the streets of Wavre via geotargeting. But it didn't stop there. Translating this concept into social media content, both organic and advertising, was a breeze. And we did it! We retained the humorous atmosphere and the corporate identity to continue associating that freshness with Wavre's image and progress. In this way, we increased the number of touch points and were able to make the best use of our partners' communication channels.

Our goal? To encourage open and transparent communication, which of course includes a landing page where all the information can be found and where Wavriens can leave their suggestions and questions.

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