Ge gaat er wel geraken





Campaign Management

Every year, Ghent eagerly throws its gates open for a new flood of students. Naturally, they all want a seamless cruise to Overpoort, to make it to class on time and to effortlessly pedal their way to the station on Fridays. Stepping up to the plate, 'Fietsambassade' offers them top-notch bikes for rent at affordable rates.

Our mantra

SUPERMACHINE hit the streets to tap into the student pulse. Among the usual mix of ups and downs, uncertainty echoed loud. With COVID, exams, self-doubt, and stress in the mix, it was time to uplift our students. That's how "Ge gaat er wel geraken" (No worries, you will get there) became our mantra.

Our campaign, a three-phase ride

Phase one was a bold online kick-off with humorous GIFs and memes featuring our message "Ge gaat er wel geraken," nudging students to reserve bikes.

Phase two dialed up the cool. One chosen college had the honor to welcome artist Karen François, who designed a mural using our catchphrase. And last but not least, we distributed stickers across all campuses in Ghent, creating an uplifting atmosphere.

Phase three shifted gears to conversion mode – pushing students to sign up for a bike plan. Social media, loaded with dynamic visuals, became our primary channel.

Just keep pedalling

So here's to every student and every pedal. No matter the journey, the ups, or the downs, we believe in your unstoppable ride forward.

P.S. Remember, ge gaat er wel geraken!

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