New kid in town

Rough Riders

2019 - 2020

Rough Riders


Graphic Design
Market Reseach
Marketing Strategy

Meet Rough Riders

We love Ghentian entrepreneurs. It’s all about style. Emelie & Marthe are young entrepreneurs who have been in the fashion world for years. In February 2020, they took the plunge and started their own new shop concept in Ghent: Rough Riders. High-end fashion for non-conformists. By the way, the name Rough Riders is based on a historical fact: during the Spanish-American War, there was a cavalry under Theodore Roosevelt who played an important role in the liberation of Cuba called The Rough Riders. Since both Emelie and Marthe are Cuba-lovers they took the name to Ghent.

Clean but rock and roll

For Rough Riders, we started our designs based on different contrasts. Wild but neat, clean but rock and roll, colourful yet black and white. Based on this concept, our designers created several moods that matched with the brand. At the end of the ride, Rough Riders received a new logo, a clothing label, a tote bag, a t-shirt, magazine … You name it, SUPERMACHINE designed it. It’s an honour for us to see that many people wear our logo on their shirts and sweaters.

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