Time to honour our Belgian fries.




VLAM promotes regional products in Flanders, and thus our Belgian fries. Our Belgian gold is so important that a whole week is set aside for it. 

During the #weekvandefriet, our Belgian fries culture and our famous frie shops are key. VLAM came to SUPERMACHINE & Walkie Talkie to give that week an extra boost, through strong creative campaigning, influencer collaborations and press attention. And that for three consecutive years:

2019 - Our statues also like French fries

The first year, we had fun sharing our fries with some Belgian statues. We provided several of them with a custom-made puntzak filled with fries. Bon appetit!

2020 - Say it with a song

The following year, among other things, we hijacked some more cultural heritage: the Flemish song of life. Through street art creations and some fiddling with song lyrics, some Flemish classics were transformed into an ode to our fried potatoes.

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2021 - The love of fries rediscovered - bronzed in Bruges

As icing on the cake -or mayonnaise on the fries- we inaugurated the statue of "De Frieteters" (=the French fry eaters) in Bruges accompanied by Prince Laurent and Hilde Crevits. The statue will remain there for a year and invites passers-by to enjoy a delicious portion of fries together... Amazing!