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Safety is the name of the game! To encourage youngster to enhance their visibility on the street and crank up their bike lights SUPERMACHINE and De fietsambassade teamed up to make visibility cool. We threw in some slick postcards with reflective stickers on them—peel, stick, and ride safely.

One sticker stole the show, paving the way for a sequel featuring its catchy slogan "Zie mij gaan."

Our mission

Raise awareness around visibility and safety among young cyclists. How? Fuse safety with style! We didn't just go for visibility, we aimed for head-turning, pedal-pushing coolness.

By employing vibrant colours and incorporating the latest youth language, we ensured the stickers were impossible to miss. The success of round one led to more stickers, featuring a catchy Dutch rhyme "zie mij gaan - met mijn fietslichten aan" (see me go - with my bike lights on). Trust us, it rhymes! This playful slogan adds an informal, imaginative touch to our safety message. Safety never looked so snazzy!

The tactic of deploying eye-catching, light-emitting stickers paired with a captivating slogan hit the bullseye. It wasn't just a hit with the youth, it also did wonders promoting 'bicycle safety'. The victory of the initial campaign and its expansion shout loud and clear. Hitting up the young crowd with a mix of creativity and functionality is the winning move.

Ride on and stay safe. 

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