De Fietsambassade & Toykyo Collab

De fietsambassade

2020 - 2021

De fietsambassade


Graphic Design
Campaign Management

Rolling Canvas Extravaganza! Get ready to cruise through the behind-the-scenes of this unique competition where students had the chance to score a flashy set of wheels designed by the creative minds of Toykyo.

How did we spread the word?

'Abrifietsen' were the way to go. These undercover agents strutted their stuff during registrations on various campuses creating more visibility for 'De Fietsalabassade' and of course the campaign. We didn't stop there, we cranked up the hype through slick social ads, creating a buzz that echoed through the student rumour mill.

Where do I sign up?

Rent a bike, sign up and win. Easy, right? Students renting bikes via De Fietsambassade's website were able to enter the contest and had the chance to win a two-wheeled masterpiece.

So, there you have it!

Keep it tight and until the next ride.


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