Het zaad van een maat kan geen kwaad

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Welcome to "Het zaad van een maat kan geen kwaad". This initiative is all about making your garden future-proof. Our goal is to spark a passion for climate-friendly gardening among the residents of East Flanders, thanks to the support from the European Agricultural Fund. It's more than just sowing seeds, it's about sowing the seeds of the future!

Our quest

Equip the residents of East Flanders with valuable tips for future-proofing their gardens and provide the tools to transform them into eco-friendly havens. It's time to flip the script on traditional gardening. Brace yourself for posters and social media ads with cheeky, slightly risky slogans that'll have you chuckling.

There's more!

We've whipped up a slick website where you can dive into tips sorted into four main themes: 'Green', 'Soil', 'Water', and 'Animals'. Look at it as your ‘go-to gardening buddy’ whenever you need it.

The buzz is real

The campaign took the spotlight and has been featured in several articles. It almost seems like the seeds of change we've planted are sprouting into lush green oases across many gardens 😉.

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