Fossielvrij verwarmen

Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen


Provincie Oost-Vlaanderen


Campaign Management
Social Media

SUPERMACHINE is committed to sustainability. We try to let that seep into our work as well.

Fossil-free heating fits perfectly into these values. The challenge was to bring this complex subject to the general public in an accessible, creative and human way and encourage them to take steps toward living without using fossil fuels.

Province of East Flanders in their briefing was also not shy of a playful campaign to make the subject a little more appealing.

Our Homie

Taking steps toward fossil-free heating starts with text. Lots and lots of text. And that doesn't get you hot (we couldn't resist). So we started looking for a way to put all this information into a bite-sized form. There was born: Our Homie (see below). A character brought to life to present terms like insulation, low temperature heating and sustainable heat sources in a visually interesting way for everyone to understand. Designs and colors that stand out, music that pops and a message that gets in. Through Call to Action, we led the viewer to the website where they could learn more about it.  Through a roadmap on Social Media, we were able to gradually inform without overwhelming the viewer with a load of information.

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