The frietuition


2022 - 2023 - 2024



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The annual 'Week van de Friet' is an ode to the 'friturist'. A brightly flavoured week organised by VLAM. Because every Belgian has an inner frites intuition. It always drives us towards fries and is triggered by smell, colour, sound and pride. After three years of campaigning focused on honouring the heritage, the sensory experience became the new capstone for VLAM’s campaign.

For three years, we studied the effect of Belgian Fries on our senses and how that, in turn, fuels our appetite for the golden bars. Each time by focusing the campaign on one sense; we start with seeing, then it becomes hearing and finally smelling.

The communication medium was also immediately adapted to the sense. We used video and OOH to see, radio to hear and print (and radio) to smell. Each time supported with a PR trajectory and digital marketing.


Year 1 - seeing

When you see Belgian Fries, you feel like eating them. We therefore very deliberately chose to work with FHD video, where fries fall into a bowl in slow motion to classical music. The video was distributed via public service message, YouTube and social media.

The campaign was enriched with social content and OOH derivatives of the video. There, a QR code was provided that automatically took you to a listing of the nearest 'frituren' (on Google Maps).

Year 2 - hearing

Again, we worked with very high-quality sound to whet the appetite for fries. On the radio, you could listen to a radio play of someone entering the 'frietkot'. Those typical Belgian Fries sounds (the bubbling, the shaking, the crack) were recorded in ASMR, so you really imagine yourself in the 'frietkot'. Again, we reinforced the campaign with digital and content marketing.

Year 3 - smelling

We concluded the three-year campaign with the strongest sense: smell. Smell is a huge trigger for memories and emotion, which is what we will capitalise on. In print, we give the illusion of smell, an effect we repeat and support with radio spots.

And the Belgians? They flocked to the 'frietkot' during 'Week van de Friet'.

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