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The Service Centre in Gentbrugge has been renovated. After a complete makeover, this fine piece of architecture will be the new home of the Academy for Music, Word and Dance De Kunstbrug, there will be co-working spaces and the Freinetschool 't Groen Drieske. The Centre will also accommodate the Citizens' Office, the neighbourhood library with a reading café and the Gentbrugge police station.

The new Centre will be a meeting place for the whole neighbourhood.

A new centre requires a new name (De Felix), but also a new visual identity. Right up our designers' street.

Our approach

Our designers were inspired by the architecture of the building itself. The architect, Paul Felix, played an important role in the breakthrough of modern architecture in Flanders. He was fiercely inspired by English Brutalism, and that can be seen in this building: austere materials, a lot of concrete, clear geometry. We continued this brutalism in the graphic identity of De Felix, but added extra colour and design elements.

Many people come together in De Felix: education, the police, the library, the meeting place. So we gave each part its own style element. Each separately strong enough and all together a wonderful synergy of forms.

Who is ‘de Felix’?

Time to introduce the general public to De Felix. The copy for the information boards, the floor stickers, the website and the brochures were written as if De Felix were a character. At the same time, we call on you to really get to know De Felix. A warm and informative call to walk into the building and discover its innovations. 

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