Human rights and nature in the spotlight


2021 - 2022


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SUPERMACHINE has inclusiveness and sustainability at the heart of its values. Not only do we optimize our own operation as much as possible, we also try to let these values seep into our work. Festivals like Belmundo bring these values in an accessible, creative and human way. Close to what really touches people, without the finger-pointing. Exactly what we also strive for with our visual approach for Belmundo. That eternal balance between man and nature was our starting point. We looked at the Greek philosophy of half-beings, explored the paradisiacal, and took a look at the stratification of mankind.

Make an impression with your footprint

Sometimes, a creative track only needs a few words. We played with the ecological footprint idea and immediately attached a striking image to it—that of the fingerprint, a clear human imprint. But one which also contains nature so that it becomes clear that the two are inextricably linked. Belmundo makes this imprint negotiable. How big can it be? What should that imprint look like, and how should we fill it in? We can immediately process the wisdom and conclusions in a subtle way within the fingerprint. This way we immediately make the image a lot more interesting for the viewer. We consciously opted for cheerful colors, gave it a cool touch, and worked in bold with the copy. This way, we appeal to a broad group of doers and daredevils.

SUPERMACHINE also designed a lot of derivatives of the new corporate identity: from posters to tear-off calendars, from mandalas to a brand new website. In addition, the slogan Maak Indruk Met Je Afdruk (Make an Impression with Your Imprint) was conceived, and we gave the community of benefactors the rallying cry #maakvanjetak. All extra ecological initiatives are put under that heading.

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