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Did this happn to you? 

That familiar dance of glances, shared smiles, and unspoken interest – the classic "will they, won't they" scenario? We've all been there! Enter Happn, the app that turns those almost-moments into connections.

Kans gemist? (Missed opportunity?)

In our cheeky videos, we brought these oh-so-relatable scenarios to life, where hesitation trumps initiation. Both parties are interested, yet the lingering hesitation adds a suspenseful touch. Spoiler alert, don't worry, Hapnn is here to safe the day. 

Reconigesed the background? To celebrate Happn's arrival, each video is set in a popular Flemish location. How many places do you recognise?


Because we get it. Those almost-misses and the "what could have beens" are part of the human experience. But with Happn, we tried to turn those missed connections into unforgettable moments. It's not just a campaign, it's a nudge, a wink, and a playful invitation – because who knows, the love of your life might just be a 'Happn' away.

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