Make youngsters listen





Protect your ears! One in five youngsters suffer permanent hearing damage.

Tinnitus is serious business. Yet there is a kind of stigma on earplugs. They don't fit well, they muffle too much music, it doesn't look nice, it costs too much. While custom-made earplugs protect your ears perfectly, without making conversations impossible. Breaking through that stigma was the first big challenge. To counter the price argument, Test-Aankoop organised a group purchase, in which you could buy custom-made earplugs at a greatly reduced price.

Since young people are the biggest risk group for hearing damage, the main focus was on this target group. Two targets were set: drawing young people's attention to the dangers & risks of hearing damage & convincing young people (+ parents) to register for the group purchase.

Our approach

First of all, we went out to find the target group. When and where do you reach young people? When are they open to messages about hearing damage? Soon we came to the conclusion that the festivals were going to be our field of work. It is just then that young people are the most vulnerable. But how do you stand out, among all the other communication and music? And how can you be heard by a critical target group?

SUPERMACHINE created life-sized ears. They pulled up the festival meadow while dancing and joking, and convincing festival-goers to sign up for the group purchase. The slogan was "Ear To Protect" On the ear-shaped flyers they handed out, there was extra explanation about hearing damage. Their secrets were captured in video and photo, as well as content for the social media channels. Through a retargeting strategy we reactivated the festival visitors who had seen our ears.

Tone of voice was important in our communication. No pedantic finger, no negativity, but an enjoyable campaign, supported by a contest. Those who subscribed to the custom made platform immediately had a chance to win a free pair of custom made earplugs.

The results

Via an email marketing strategy on the database of Test-Aankoop and the festivals, but also via the social media channels and a well thought-out targeting strategy, we opened up the target group completely. 

In this way we also reached young people who did not wander around at the festivals. SUPERMACHINE built the platform, including the database for a whole lot of new email addresses.

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