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A fun and accessible way to bring supporters together but apart. Club Brugge was about to win the Belgian championship football, but because of the Coronavirus, a decent celebration seemed impossible. As we hold some fanatic Bruges supporters at the office, we decided to come up with an idea ourselves. A fun and accessible way to bring supporters together but apart, in line with the quarantine rules.

Kiss the Cup, in augmented reality

Soon the idea grew to combine the fun of augmented reality with the sharing power of social media. We recreated the Belgian Cup into an augmented reality filter and added hand tracking. The only thing supporters had to do was to hold up their hands in front of the camera, and the Cup would magically appear. Ready to be kissed, waved and passed.

"Club was facing the huge challenge of making a champion's celebration without giving supporters something special. With the all virtual champion celebration, we reached over 350.000 living rooms. With the Virtual Cup made by SUPERMACHINE, we even made it into the hands and hearts of our fans. A nice cooperation that turned out to be a great succes, despite the strict deadline!" — Kirsten Willem, head of communications.
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