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March 1st, International Compliment Day! A celebration tailor-made for Coca-Cola. But Coca-Cola wouldn't be Coca-Cola if they didn't go the extra mile. And so, #complimentsweek was born. A week dedicated to spreading compliments among colleagues in Europe.

Coca-Cola enlisted the help of SUPERMACHINE to make it easier for colleagues because, let's admit it, giving a compliment isn't something that we dare to do easily, especially when it transcends national borders. But how do you reach thousands of employees across Europe, both offline and online?

You are the ‘Ola’ in Coca-Cola! #complimentsweek

How do you ensure that employees across borders start giving compliments? Moreover, how do you make sure that even employees not connected to the internet find their way to each other? Hello, SUPERMACHINE! With the right tool, by using the existing internal network, and through offline activities within the Coca-Cola HQs! SUPERMACHINE developed the Compliment Generator. A user-friendly, interactive tool that makes it easy for colleagues within Europe to give each other a funny, absurd, or slightly more serious compliment. With accessible copy and the necessary sympathy that the tool exudes, colleagues got to work.

Online meets offline.

Offline, the campaign was supported by postcards, stickers, and posters. Oh, and we even hid cameras in elevators to give the campaign an extra boost on Mondays! And successfully so! The results? The campaign succeeded in reaching people across Europe and distributed over 30,000 compliments annually. This convinced people that giving a compliment doesn't have to be a moment of complete awkwardness but can be the start of significant and engaging conversations.

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