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A campaign for all our gym enthusiasts, sports fanatics, and casual athletes eager to break a sweat. At its core? A good dose of humour, the willingness to exercise, and tap water. Because, let's be real, the ultimate sports drink is the simple goodness of tap water.

Our mission

To spread the word in Flanders about the benefits of choosing tap water, we embraced a light-hearted approach. We cleverly repackaged kraanwater (tap water) as gaanwater (go-water), injecting humour to keep things positive and steer clear of any finger-wagging.

For a week, our eye-catching visuals flooded the streets of Flanders, pun intended. But that wasn't the end of it. Next step was translating this concept into social media content, which was a breeze.

Last but not least

As the cherry on top, we had the pleasure to announce the launch of an impactful competition as well. Participants had the chance to win exclusive 'sport cheques,' which could be redeemed for a complimentary gym membership or a sporting pass. 

Now that's a prize worth breaking a sweat for!

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